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Christmas 2016


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, I know it was just last weekend but it already feels like it was ages ago. I still have my tree up, I don’t plan on taking it down anytime soon..  Previous years I have taken it down before Hubby’s Birthday on the 29th December but this year […]

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For the past month I have been both Mother and Stepmother as my 3 Stepchildren returned home for the last half of the school holidays.  A Step-parent is something I have been now for near on 8 years, but these past few weeks for some reason, have seemed like the toughest weeks of my parenting life (thus […]


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Super short but sweet.. this past weekend we have celebrated Miss 13’s first official Teenage Birthday (although she’s had the attitude down pat for years! LOL) Her actual birthday isn’t until Thursday but due to weekend commitments & Mr 14 being home we ended up holding her slumber party over the weekend.  I can hardly […]


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A Break from the Drama..

It’s been a little over a week since my Stepchildren returned to their Mother’s place for the second half of the school holidays. And I feel guilty admitting this, but I already feel much less stressed! It’s not that they’re excessively naughty kids or anything, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the combination of the […]

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The House Is Quiet Again..

    After having a house full of noise and people for the past 14 weeks, the house is now feeling rather quiet as Tyler, Hayley & Nicholas join their Mum for term 2 and the June/July holidays. After having them at home for so long this time, it will be odd not having them […]


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Fridays are my worst day…

  Most people say that they hate Mondays, well it’s official I’m a crazy person.. because I hate Fridays & I have for the past 6 years.. It’s a hard one to explain and I really don’t know if anyone will understand my reasoning but here goes…   Fridays are an emotionally charged day for […]

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