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Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX Review!

This time of the year can get very busy, one minute its October and before you know it, the Christmas tree is up and we’re in full Christmas Prep mode! One thing I have yet to do is finalise my Christmas shopping, but as many of you know I work better under pressure, so I’m […]

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Well it certainly has been awhile..

  Well it certainly has been awhile! Thats not to say I haven’t sat at this page and typed some words countless times, only to get distracted, wander off and come back to a post that is totally irrelevant days later! I’m sure like everyone, life has been crazy busy of late!  If i’m not […]

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Hanging onto the Weekend..


How I have loved the school holidays!!! I could do 100 more of these weeks and never tire of having my 2 gorgeous boys at home with me 24/7.  Yes some days get a little weary, between the bickering and the ‘I’m boreds’  but seriously it’s a small price to pay for not having to […]

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Hello April..

Wow I can hardly believe it is April already.. I say it every month, but this year is truly flying by so quickly.. This morning I woke up at 3am.. which for those who know me is quite an early start.. I am NOT a morning person at all! But then again I always used to […]

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Easter 2016

Happy Easter 2016

I hope everyone had a safe & Happy Easter over the past weekend.  I have had a lovely Easter, so much so that I’m actually chalking it up to one of our more/most successful ones.. Initially I was bummed that we were unable to join the rest of the family in Bundaberg to farewell a […]


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  A couple of weeks ago we decided to go coastal for the Valentines Day weekend, we headed down the Gold Coast with the two boys to celebrate both Valentines Day and also Mr 11’s Birthday which is also celebrated on the day of love!  We kept the whole idea under wraps and the boys, […]

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Smiggle Fun for Everyone – {Review}


Growing up, I loved back to school shopping and I remember from a young age wanting my school supplies to be coordinating and funky.  Mind you this was the late 80’s/early 90’s so it wasn’t always easy being on trend.  Back in those days a canvas duffle bag and a Pacer pencil was considered a big […]

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School Holidays ~ that’s a wrap! 


I can hardly believe school goes back tomorrow! Talk about a downer! Iv been having so much fun sleeping in, not packing lunches, not ironing, not racing about every morning {to still be late mind you} it’s been great. And tomorrow that  unorganised bliss has to come to an end & organised chaos will instead […]


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This time last week it honestly felt as though the school holidays were going to last forever..  But earlier today it dawned on me that we only have a little over one week left until the kids head back to school!  I’m a little bit sad, because personally I love school holidays (even more so […]


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2016 Back to the Daily Grind 


Yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook feed & I came across a post from an old highschool friend who is soon to be going on maternity leave for her second child. She stated that many were envious of her approaching ‘break’ however, she couldn’t understand why, when to her work was easier than the […]

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