Christmas 2016


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, I know it was just last weekend but it already feels like it was ages ago. I still have my tree up, I don’t plan on taking it down anytime soon..  Previous years I have taken it down before Hubby’s Birthday on the 29th December but this year it just looks far too pretty to take down so I’m going to stare at my lights a little longer.  Mum took her tree down last June, I don’t think mine will last that long,  I imagine it would start collecting lots of dust and cobwebs by then (it probably has already).

We had a fairly relaxed Christmas, although it started quite early on with a family Christmas at the In-Laws in late November, followed by a very full December filled with looking at lights, decorating, Movie World White Christmas, visiting the Enchanted Gardens at Roma St Parklands and the lights of the Brisbane CBD, plenty of delicious food, Christmas movies and terrible carols playing in the car – oh and way too much chocolate – why is it that people give chocolate?  I must have been given 10 boxes (I think I gave out 20 too lol) next year i’m doing something other than chocolate so I don’t contribute to someone else’s pants getting way to tight come January!  Speaking of which i’m munching on Cadbury Snow Bites as I type.. they are delicious!

Lights in the Brisbane CBD after visiting the Roma St Parklands Enchanted Garden.

Lights in the Brisbane CBD after visiting the Roma St Parklands Enchanted Garden.



Movie World.. yes we scored an additional child, Miss 15 has herself a BF!

This year was our smaller Christmas, sans stepkidlets although they did come and visit us for dinner a few nights before Christmas Day, I concocted a Christmas feast complete with ham, prawns, pav.. the works.  I would have been happy, but they’re are teenagers so they rarely are, we gave out presents and that raised their spirits for a little while longer.. just long enough to drive around, look at some lights and drop them back home where they will continue to wallow until I pick them up again next Monday for the second half of the holidays.  I hope the little buggers have found their smiles before then. Kinda depressing.. Do they know it’s Christmastime??




Christmas Dinner QLD style

Fast forward to Christmas Eve, thankfully that was enough to make anyone happy! Hubby and I splurged (overboard) on Seafood..  Mooloolaba King Praws, Moreton Bay Bugs, Salt & Pepper Calamari, Sand Crabs, Oysters the works.. Since I am so disorganised and ordered 3 days out from Christmas we had to drive 1/2 hour to pick it up, but it was definitely worth the travel. The seafood was divine!  So much so, I can’t even look at a fish & chip shop the same way anymore.. Cudos to Fresh and Wild Seafood at Hamilton, Divine!  We were so full we skipped desert and went straight onto family photos with the Christmas lights.

Although the boys went to bed a little later than normal we still managed to leave out milk and cookies for Santa and sprinkle some reindeer food for Rudolph and the gang.  I was up quite late as I was a little behind wrapping my Christmas presents, I wasn’t as organised as years gone by as I’d spent the night before shopping at the all night shop.. so by this point in time I was a little weary and running on prawn power alone..

Christmas morning was low key, was spent at home opening gifts.. the boys were well and truly spoilt once again and thankfully they had a smile from ear to ear,  I too was spoilt and received an ice cream maker, Pj’s and a new kettle (one that matches my toaster).  We spent the afternoon at my Pop’s place having a family BBQ which was lovely and came home exhausted at around 5pm.  Hubby promptly dozed off on the lounge, he’d been working so hard up until that point, it was his first day off in months so 40 winks was just what he needed.. I fell into bed absolutely exhausted after getting Mr 11 and Mr 5 off to bed. Christmas 2016 was an overall success I slept very soundly.


Explaining to Pop that its not for smacking bums its for his pizza LOL

Boxing day Mr 5 awoke covered in spots.. I honestly thought he had chicken pox for a fleeting moment.. but thankfully they turned out to be insect bites.  I skipped the sales to stay at home with spotty while Hubby and Mr 11 went in search of a bargain.  They bought a few Christmas lights and Mr 11 spent some of his Christmas money that he got from his Dad.  That afternoon my Nan and Aunt came around for a visit (I did warn them about the spots) which was lovely and the remainder of the afternoon was spent putting away the kids pressies from the day before.  Thankfully Mr 5’s spots had eased the next day and the Doctor was right about the insect bite theory (I had my doubts)

So all in all, the festive season was a good one, it’s such a shame its another whole 11 months until we start it all over again.. But i’m sure it will be here before we know it xx  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas xoxox



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