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Yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook feed & I came across a post from an old highschool friend who is soon to be going on maternity leave for her second child. She stated that many were envious of her approaching ‘break’ however, she couldn’t understand why, when to her work was easier than the duties undertaken whilst on maternity leave.

I must admit I’m a little on the flip side & I have thoroughly enjoyed staying home with my 2 boys until they reached school age. It is something I was determined to do & it has worked well for our family, but I understand it’s definitely not for everyone. As I pointed out in my response for me looking after 2-5 kids is easier than looking after a classroom of 30+!

I mean it hasn’t all been plain sailing, it does take a lot of juggling to stay home particularly money wise, living on one income can be tricky at times but in saying that it was a choice I was thankful to be able to make and I’m grateful to my Hubby for working his butt off & enabling me to be at home for the past 4 years. Once again I know this is not for everyone so I hope no one takes offence, it’s just what my Husband and I wanted for our family & for the most part, it’s worked for our family.


Not to say I haven’t missed work, usually in the lead up to Christmastime (when an extra income would be helpful) & sometimes when I drive past schools I often think about returning to work. Sometimes I get my teaching resources out & have a little bit of a looksie, particularly when inspiration strikes me for a new lesson idea.
I’m starting to get a little anxious as my return to work is just over a month away, although I think the majority of that anxiety is tied up with Mr 4 starting kindy. I have never been a fan of day-care (a prac during Uni turned me off majorly) but I welcomed kindy for the boys.  But because at this stage Mr 4 is my littlest, I’m finding that whole process a little sad!

So in the next few weeks while preparing the boys for back to school, I’m also preparing myself. I have registrations to put in, first aid course to attend & various paperwork to fill in.  I’m only returning as a casual supply teacher, I find that works the best for me with the kids as I don’t have to work everyday & can fit work around their schedules quite easily. It’s a little like first-day back nerves.. I’m sure so much has changed in 4 years! Hopefully it’s just like riding a bike!

I’m sure once the year is off to a flying start things will settle in nicely & I’m going to be relieved for the additional $ coming in to assist with school fee’s, house reno’s & of course my favourite ~ holidays!!

I’m also looking forward to the plans we have for our own small business, which Hubby runs on the side to his 9-5 job & a few other projects we have in the pipeline.. Always good to keep busy I guess.

2016 might be our most productive year yet? Well here’s hoping!

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New Year Thus Far..

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe & happy start to 2016 & that you are all ready for the year that lays ahead.

I had a lovely New Years Eve, we took the kids to see The Good Dinosaur during the day & that evening headed to my Pop’s place to share Pizza with Mum’s side of the family.  We didn’t stay until midnight, my Pop has recently been unwell, so he started to tire by 10pm, so we took our little party home & saw in the New Year with the kids and a cheese platter (I can call this a tradition now because it’s happened 3 years in a row!) But overall it was a fun evening and a nice way to bring in the New Year.


Speaking of tradition, something we have tried to do the past few years is spend the first day of the year at the Beach. Although our schedule was a little haywire this year (as the first ended up being the day Mr 15, Miss 14 and Mr 12 were to return to their Mothers for the 2nd half of the holidays) we managed to make it to the beach by lunchtime and spent time both at the beach and at Whitewater World on the way back home.  It ended up being a lovely day and the boys all had a lot of fun.  Unfortunately Mr 10 was sick when we got home, but I think it was a combination of too much sun, fun and good food because he felt much better the next morning.


So far the year has been travelling well, at usual break neck speeds.. I can hardly believe it’s the 5th already.  I started doing the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day Challenge and dismally have kept up with 2 out of 5 so far.. I was determined to photograph a darn leaf today, but it was raining all day and when I finally did go outside, it was dark.. so I’ve got a bit of catch up to do tomorrow. I’m fully determined to stick to it this year!

Speaking of catch up, Hubby is on holidays until next week, he’s had a glorious 5 weeks off.. which has been so lovely to have an extra pair of hands around the house.  We have spent the past couple of days having a post-Christmas/mid holiday clean-out which has resulted in both of the boys rooms being tidied out and organised and many other areas of the home that were just giving us the shits.. including the TV cabinet/kids Xbox accessories etc. I’ve also been catching up on bills, book work and life in general so whilst we are still in holiday mode (thus have no idea what day it is) we are still being quite productive!

Tomorrow I thought I would start the dreaded back to school shopping. Although this year, I only need to buy for Mr 10 & Mr 4 who is starting Kindy in a few short weeks (eek.. I’m completely in denial about this by the way) Fortunately Mr 10’s school provide the books as part of the school fee’s but there are always uniforms, shoes, lunch boxes & cool stationary to buy (of course)

Well I had better be off to bed.. one of my resolutions this year is to get more sleep.. which I am desperately in need of lately.. I’m always so exhausted by the end of each day, although it’s always nice to look forward to a sleep in each morning of the holidays (I love that my kids are not morning people.. on average we have been getting up at 8:30.. even on Christmas Day!)  I think that is why it’s so hard when school goes back!

What did you get up to on New Years Eve?

Is 2016 going to be your year?

Are your kids morning people?


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One Word: Enjoy & Build 


This year the word I wanted to capture 2016 needed to be carefree ~  but on the flipside 2016 also needs structure, so like last year I’v decided that my just one word, needs to be 2 words yet again. So the two words I have chosen are Enjoy and Build.

Enjoy is actually making a reappearance from last year, most possibly because I need it to still be at the forefront.  It’s something I need to keep working on.. I did a good job for the first 1/2 of last year, but then midway the wheels fell off, life got busy and I forgot to enjoy.

Sure I could have chosen many more words, hell even a new word (because I’m indecisive like that) but these two are the ones that seemed to stick.. the ones that made most sense in the here & now.

Enjoy needs to mean stress less & get out more.  Enjoy means reversing the frown lines & adding sparkle to the everyday and finding  the good that is hidden in most situations. I really think I haven’t been enjoying life as much as I should be of late, so I guess it’s a good reminder to slow down and really make the most/best of every situation.

Build needs to signify growth & change. Build on my skills as I commence teaching again, Build up relationships with family and friends, Build upon my health, continue to Build our little home as we continue renovations into 2016.  Build is quite a loaded word, one that I’m sure will have much relevancy to my life in 2016.

I say farewell to my second word from last year which was Inspire.. Inspire has served me well, I feel like I have plenty of inspiration, I wont abandon the word entirely, but I feel like I need to stop pinteresting my life and actually get the hell onto building it.. So I feel like i’m taking the next step so to speak.

Do you have a word for 2016? Maybe your like me and can’t count so might have 2 or even several.  Maybe you’ve had a rough New Years and simply have no words! … :)

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new years resolutions

I can recall writing New Years resolutions for as long as I can remember.. even as a child I would write down my list of hopeful achievements for the year.  I rarely stuck to them, however, every year the same list of hopeful achievements would keep popping up, like a torturous list of unfinished business – lose weight, be happy, save money.. blah blah. Much like the list ahead really.. Good to see not a lot changes.. lol.

So last year, I didn’t write resolutions.. I didn’t even begin to entertain thoughts about them & instead I gave myself 2 words for the year ‘enjoy & inspire’   I certainly have enjoyed 2015 and have allowed myself to be inspired by a lot, hopefully at times I have even inspired others.  I am pretty certain I will choose another word for 2016, but the jury is still out on this one at the moment..

I definitely do have grand plans for 2016.. I will be heading back to work after 4 1/2 years as a Domestic Goddess – Paid employment is beckoning me, so we can juggle the bain of my life a little better {which is school fee’s}  Mr 4 & I are both headed to school together which is rather exciting! I miss teaching and have so many ideas bubbling around in my head for when I return, i’m actually really looking forward to it.  I’m also really looking forward to coming home and sleeping his first day of school away, because I need to catch up on 4 1/2 years of sleep as well ~ after the tears stop of course {priorities!}.

We have plenty more renovating at home to do in the new year, we achieved so much during 2015 it would be nice to keep the momentum going.  I would like to get new floor coverings throughout and finish the outside painting/landscaping of the front yard before the end of the year.

I would also like to put a savings budget in place.. I’m over random spending and would like to knuckle down on my finances, i’m sure there are plenty of areas where I can tighten the belt.  I’m looking forward to saving for my first overseas trip, so every additional dollar saved helps.  I am useless at budgeting though, so I dare say i’ll just adjust my lifestyle accordingly, but I do plan on revisiting my insurance policies, phone plans and the like to see where we can save instant money.

A main focus is going to be my health in 2016.  2015 saw me gain some unwanted weight, I have also suffered stress & tension headaches for much of the year, so reducing the stress in my life is definitely on the forefront as we head into the new year.  At the moment when I look in the mirror I am mostly unrecognisable, I want to regain some ‘me’.  Not one for bootcamps or gyms, I plan on walking, eating healthier and making more time for ‘me’ – I have gotten better as 2015 draws to a close and have already lost a few kilo’s but I have so far to go.. baby steps.

See more beaches, sleep more, take the dogs to obedience classes, see my Grandparents more, take a trip to Melbourne, take more photographs, laugh more often and spend more time with my Hubby… all things that are plans in 2016.  I’m sure it will be a busy year.. I’m sure there will be challenges, I am sure there will be triumphs and i’m sure many moments will purely suck.. but at the end of the day, 2016 is coming and there is no doubt I am looking forward to turning the page over in my 35th year of life..

Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope you have a safe and happy one. xx

Here’s to the happiest New Year xx

What are your plans for the year ahead?



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Christmas 2015 – It’s a Wrap!


Can anyone else believe that Christmas is over?  Such a big lead up, so much busyness and now its all done and dusted.  Just like that!

We had a few family celebrations over the weekend, the first being on Christmas Eve with my Dad’s family, morning tea with all the trimmings at my Aunty’s place.  It was nice seeing my cousins who are similar in age to my own children and all of the kids played together quite well (as opposed to the last time they all tried to play together when we stayed with them during the 2011 floods which wasn’t as pleasant!) It always takes the stress off, when the kids are behaving themselves so I had a great catch up with my Nan, Pop, Aunty, Uncle and Mum.

Later on Christmas Eve we had our traditional roast, followed by an evening of hanging stockings, leaving out Santa Sacks, sprinkling reindeer food and driving around the local Christmas lights one last time.  The kids were in bed by 10pm, but an excitable Mr 10 didn’t actually doze off until closer to 3am which meant I didn’t get a whole heap of sleep that evening.

Needless to say I was thankful our kids aren’t morning people so they all slept in till 8:30 (such a civilised hour for Christmas Day to start)  the kids opened their presents which they were all happy with.  Some of the favourites were Mr 4’s Fisher Price Imaginext Expandable Bat Cave, Mr 10’s Nerf Modulus Gun, Mr 11’s Mountain Bike, Miss 14’s art palette charm for her Pandora bracelet and Mr 15’s Guitar Hero Live.   As a family they received Lego Dimensions for the Xbox , totem tennis and 3 board games including Scattergories, Boom Boom Balloon & The Game of Life (trying to further ignite their interest in board games). Hubby bought me a tripod for our camera and an SD Card with Wifi (which will make life a lot easier!)  I’ll write a little post later in the week about some of the kids favourite pressies.

Christmas lunch was being held at our place and because of the rainy days in the lead up to Christmas our back area smelt awfully like ‘wet dog’, however, when Christmas Day started to clear up, Hubby did a miraculous job of cleaning up and readying it for a BBQ lunch.  The kids played Just Dance and laughed at their Grandma having a go, spent a lot of time on the trampoline and Mr 15 didn’t leave his Guitar Hero’s side for much of the day.   Despite having only catered for 10 and actually feeding 16, we surprisingly had a lot of leftovers which fed the tribe up until yesterday quite happily! We still have Christmas Ham leftover, but I think we’ll be eating that for a few days yet.

Christmas night I took Mr 10 to visit his Dad’s side of his family so by the time I got home I was well and truly exhausted after such little sleep the night before. Mr 10’s Dad is away this Christmas but I thought it was nice/important for him to still catch up with his Nan, Pop and Aunt and Uncles from that side.

I was thankful for a sleep in on Boxing Day before heading to my Pops for a Boxing Day BBQ.  Growing up, Nan and Pop always used to host a Boxing Day BBQ at their place, Nan passed away when I was 11 and we haven’t held a BBQ on Boxing Day since.  So it was nice to recoup a little bit of tradition and spend the afternoon hanging out with my Pop, Aunty and Uncle.

So yes, it was a full couple of days but full of family, great food, fond memories and lots of fun.  Whilst Christmas 2015 hasn’t been my most organised, it certainly was still a lovely Christmas and I can hardly wait to start counting down to the next one late next year xx

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! xx

How was your Christmas, any highlights/lowlights to share?



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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

So it’s Christmas Eve.. a day that not long ago, seemed so far away..  On one hand I am glad Christmas is here, but on the other, I’m sad.. because after the next 48 hours, the world returns to normal, a little less sparkle fills our day.. Christmas to me, is such a beautiful time of the year, everything feels a little kinder ~ people seem a little happier.

I have seen so many lovely random acts of kindness circulating Facebook, people offering hampers or gifts to those less fortunate.. It’s lovely to be a part of it all.

Of course there are those who aren’t looking forward to Christmas, they may be struggling financially,  missing a loved one or not feeling festive at all.   My heart breaks for you, I hope you are able to find some peace this Christmas.

And finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families, a very Merry Christmas & a cheerful 2016.

As a family we have seen many lights & carried out many family traditions which are near and dear to us.  Over the coming days we will celebrate many more & I look forward to the look of excitement on the kids faces come Friday morning.  It makes it all worth it.

May your day be Merry & bright xx 

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Our Week Away – Coffs Harbour NSW.


It’s hard to get back into the swing of things after a full week away & judging by the amount of jobs I have to do, I am still firmly in holiday mode!

Hubby is currently into his second week of 5 weeks holiday, so last week we decided to head down to Coffs Harbour, about 5 hours away on the North Coast of New South Wales for a much deserved week away.  We have all 5 kids at home until January 1st this year, so it was nice to have a break with the entire family and whilst holidaying with 5 children isn’t always relaxing, we still had plenty of downtime to unwind.

This was my second visit to Coffs, the first time being an overnight stay on the way to Sydney in 2013.  We didn’t get to see much last time, but this time we had plenty of time to explore and do the tourist thing!

coffs harbour 1


We visited the Big Banana and went tobogganing, had a wander around their Botanical Gardens both during the day and again on the Friday night as they had some beautiful Christmas lights.  We checked out the Cartoon Bunker and saw the various beautiful beaches and lookouts that Coffs had on offer. I also snuck in some time for the local Sunday markets and of course checked out the local shops/town (can’t help myself.. I was born to shop!)   What a stunning location.  Coffs is almost somewhere I could envisage myself living..


Being Christmastime we also took the kids for a drive around the local lights, it was great to see some new and different displays.


We stayed at the Pacific Bay Resort in a spacious apartment that had a fantastic balcony (it was huge, more like a deck) which offered us plenty of room for the kids to play.  The apartment was also sizeable and very roomy, with a full kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a spa bath (which was divine!)  The pools at the resort were great, particularly one that was no deeper than 1.2 metres all over, because we spent a lot of time with the kids in the pool each day.

For those holidaying with dogs (we weren’t) there were some fantastic off-leash dog beaches at Coffs, we found ourselves at one on the Sunday and there were more dogs than bathers at the beach!  But it was so much fun to watch them running about, they were having a ball.


We spent 6 nights in Coffs (because we travelled down to the Hunter Valley to see the Christmas Light’s Spectacular mid-week, you can read about that awesome experience HERE)  and had a lovely time away, we could have easily stayed longer.

Some of my favourite things to do whilst in Coffs Harbour were;

  • The Sunday Harbourside Markets.  They had a mix of new and used stalls, great food and a lovely atmosphere.  Check out the Sno-Cones, the kids had one and they were HUGE!
  • Any of the Beaches, but in particular our favourite was Park Beach.
  • The Jetty Walk, take some time to wander the jetty, we saw rays and a couple of sea turtles on our walk, AMAZING!
  • The Forest Sky Pier and the many lookouts in Coffs, offers a magical view of the ocean and surrounding areas.
  • Checking out the local shops (usually my favourite thing to do, wherever I am!)
  • Brelsford Park – One of Coffs newest parks, the kids were in awe of the playground equipment and particularly loved the castle structure with the giant slide.  Much different to playgrounds in our local area, it was well worth a visit.
  • The Botanical Gardens.. Offering free entry (you can leave a donation) the Botanical Gardens was a lovely walk, the kids got to see many lizards and even a snake (in one of the glasshouses).  They also did a beautiful Christmas Lights display in the evening.

Thanks for a lovely week away Coffs Harbour, we’ll be sure to visit again!

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Hunter Valley Gardens

Last year while googling Christmas Light displays, I came across a post featuring the Hunter Valley Gardens, Christmas Lights Spectacular.  It was at that point I had a Verucca Salt moment and decided I HAD to go and see that light display and I had to see it RIGHT NOW (next year).

So when an opportunity to holiday at the Coffs Coast popped up, it seemed only natural (being 5 hours closer and all) to drive an extra 5 hours to see the Christmas lights too!  After all, while in NSW..

But when I actually won a family pass to go and see the gardens via the Hunter Valley Gardens Instagram page, I knew it was fate.. we just had to go!

And i’m so glad we did (although during the 5 hour trip with 5 kids in the car I had my doubts!)  It was a beautiful light display, awe inspiring.. I know they say, size doesn’t matter, but I was impressed by the enormity of the display and just how many lights were on offer, we wandered about for 3 hours amazed by each of the individual light displays and the way they so beautifully connected throughout the parklands.

Hunter Valley Gardens 1


Some of my favourite light displays were The Twelve Days of Christmas, Cinderella’s Castle, Candy Land and the Fairy Garden.  The kids eyes lit up for the Santa Plane, the Waterfall, the beautiful Pink Unicorn, My Little Pony’s and Mr 4 loved the Minion who was wandering around with the festive Christmas Elf – to be truthful I think we loved the whole thing!

Hunter valley gardens 2

Some tips if you are heading to the Christmas lights;

* Get there early.. The gates open at 6:30, but because we were travelling we didn’t get there until 7pm, the lights don’t come on until 7:30 but there is plenty to do beforehand and the garden is just as stunning in the daylight hours!

* Pace yourself, we only did 1 lap of the parklands in the 2 1/2 hours – we would have loved a second lap, but there are that many lights to see. So keep an eye on your watch, but at the same time, don’t rush.. it’s all so beautiful.

* Being from QLD we packed a light jumper, there were light showers throughout the night we were there, so an umbrella might come in handy too.

* There is food & drink available in the park for purchase.  The prices were fairly reasonable, roughly $10 for dinner and $3 for drinks.

* Bring your Christmas Spirit.. or if you don’t, you certainly will leave with some..


We came home feeling rather Christmassy ourselves! For more information about the Hunter Valley Gardens, Christmas Lights Spectacular, head to their website HERE. 

This post wasn’t sponsored, we just had a fantastic night at the lights and thought we’d share our experience with you all. Definitely add this to your MUST DO list if your in the Hunter.

Hunter Valley 3


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Halloween Decor 2015


My kids absolutely love all things celebration, so Halloween is no exception.. We haven’t always celebrated Halloween, in fact this is probably our fifth year (you can find some previous posts here & here) but only our second year Trick-or-Treating.  Prior to that we would just decorate the house and watch some spooky kids movies as a family.. Is it just me or is Halloween in Australia becoming more accepted?   We like to keep it light-hearted and enjoy it as a family, any excuse to have a fun time right? (and it stops me from putting up our Christmas tree in October!)

I don’t spend a lot on Halloween, each year I simply spend an additional $10.00 at the $2 shops and add to our collection.  This year we only spent an additional $8 and picked up the Pumpkin Garland ($1.50) Ghost/Spider Hanger ($2 each) and the Jack-O-Lantern Lights ($3) from Kmart.  We usually pick up a carving pumpkin, as Hubby is pretty good at carving out an awesome Jack-O-Lantern and the kids absolutely love it.  We put up our decorations this past weekend..







Looking forward to a few spooky celebrations this week including a school disco that is Halloween themed & Trick-or-Treating & Spooky Movie night on Saturday too.

Do you celebrate Halloween in your home? Have you given in to the Trick-or-Treat’ing craze?


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I didn’t think it was possible to get so excited over getting new lawn, but last Saturday morning I woke up like it was Christmas Day!  Finally after ages of talking about it, we bit the bullet and ordered up 200 square metres of turf and completely re-did our backyard.  We slowly lost our lawn over the past two cold and rainy Winters, no thanks to our 2 over-eager pups, but now our dogs are a little older (not much wiser) and the warmer weather is here, we thought we’d give it another go.

I was prepared for a big day of turf laying, however, was surprised that with some help it only took 2 hours!   So for under $1000 and 2 hours of our time, our yard has been completely transformed.  (Excuse my dodgy pic, I took it with my phone which has a camera lens issue at the moment and it didn’t help that the case was also over the lens a little! )


I know it’s only been 4 days, but already having new grass has seriously improved the way we interact each day.. we are more eager to spend time outside,  the kids have been playing underneath the sprinkler and we’ve even been running about barefoot in the backyard (something that was unheard of at our place before the weekend!)  It’s been lovely..  In hindsight I don’t know why I put up with the dirt for so long.. I even have a lot less dust inside too!  So it’s a win/win all round.


For anyone that is contemplating laying turf or thinking about transforming their yard for Summer, do it!  I wish I did ages ago..

Here are some tips when buying/looking for turf;

  • Ask for recommendations from Family/Friends that have recently turfed, that way you know your going to get a reputable supplier.
  • Ring about and compare your prices, I saved over $200 shopping around.
  • Ask about their product.. what type of grass are you buying and is it a relatively thick cut.  If its a thicker cut the grass will have more soil underneath it, minimising the need for any underlay.
  • Prepare the soil underneath where the turf is to be laid.  We spent a whole weekend prior pulling up the old lawn (all 3 buckets of it), weeding and turning over the soil.  You can also apply a turf fertiliser to the soil, which has water crystals and added nutrients in it to give your turf a great start.
  • Get your turf delivered on a day that you can lay it.. if you have to delay, ensure the turf stays wet.  We were fortunate to start laying it immediately, but even then some of it felt quite dry by the time it was all laid out.
  • Water Water Water!  Get water onto your turf as soon as it’s laid.  I dread to think what our excess water bill is going to be after the next few weeks, and we’ve even been lucky with added rain and storms. But watering in the turf and ensuring it doesn’t dry out, is essential to its early success.   If you work and you can’t hose by hand, buy some sprinklers.. we have a few different varieties of sprinkler, but I have found the round dome sprinkler to be my favourite with the turf as I can clearly see where the water is going, I just move it around every hour or so.
  • Don’t mow it too quickly, but don’t leave it too long either..  You don’t want to disturb your turf too quickly, but if it starts getting long it will need a quick trim otherwise the grass underneath will die off and lose its green appearance.  For the best finish I tend to keep the mower blades up high to keep it nice and neat.  It might mean you are mowing your yard twice a week in the warmer months, but your lawn will look great.

Or if your lawn isn’t in a bad way like ours was, you could simply breathe some new life into it by

  • Start to water your lawn regularly, boosting it’s water intake will help it green up..
  • Give it a good feed.. you don’t have to use chemicals.. there are plenty of organic ones on the market too.  Some people opt to weed and feed their lawn to eliminate Bindii’s and the like from their lawns pre-Summer. Or you could always weed it the old fashioned way.  It’s very therapeutic!
  • Fix up dead or missing patches with lawn seed or lawn repair seed from your local hardware. My Mum repaired her lawn this way and it worked wonderfully.
  • Give the kids a rake each and get them to rake the leaves that have fallen.  2 weeks ago you couldn’t see our backyard for leaves!
  • Mow regularly with the blades up high to encourage growth and thickening of your existing grass.
  • Add a nice edge to your garden. We have old railway sleepers for our garden edge, but there are plenty of finishes out there depending on what you are after, this will help to frame your grass.
  • Fence off any areas that need a little bit of extra TLC.  We have 2 crazy Border Collies so we are currently letting them take turns on our new lawn, or they will obliterate it in no time!
  • If you don’t have time to mow your lawns yourself, look on Facebook or local business sites and employ someone to tend the gardens for you.
  • Enjoy.. we are blessed with beautiful weather during these warmer months.. why not enjoy it! x






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