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Hanging onto the Weekend..


How I have loved the school holidays!!! I could do 100 more of these weeks and never tire of having my 2 gorgeous boys at home with me 24/7.  Yes some days get a little weary, between the bickering and the ‘I’m boreds’  but seriously it’s a small price to pay for not having to […]

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10 years ago you wouldn’t catch me for dead at the Gold Coast, I was a Sunny Coast girl through & through ~ the GC was too ‘built-up’ ‘touristy’ & ‘busy’ for my liking. But then one day I decided to book a night away for Hubby & I down the coast & my opinion […]


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Back to Work.. But not for me..


Hubby went back to work today after 2 1/2 weeks off, it’s been nice having him home since Christmas, also the extra help around the house & with the kids has been great but I guess all good things have to come to an end. Fortunately {or unfortunately} whichever way you choose to look at […]

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School Holidays are Over…

So the uniforms are laid out for the morning, lunch boxes are at the ready & the kids are tucked into bed by 8:30, sadly our school holidays have come to an end! The past 2 weeks have gone by so quickly.. We’ve had lots of fun though.. Movies, parks, play dates, star gazing, outings, […]

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Easter 2014

This year Easter was a real delight, it really was such a lovely day, I couldn’t have asked for much more.. On the Eve of Easter, Mr. 9 & Mr. 2 excitedly helped me ‘decorate’ for the Easter Bunny which involved bringing out their soft toy Rabbits from Easters gone by, we wrote letters to […]


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Breakfast Sundaes


Monday-Thursday are ‘cereal days’ in our home, the kids hate it & complain often, but I find it fast, easy & economical in comparison to the variable smorgasbord the kids would request if they didn’t have the 2 simple choices of Porridge or Cocoa Pops! But Friday, Saturday & Sunday I love making breakfasts interesting […]


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