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This time last week it honestly felt as though the school holidays were going to last forever..  But earlier today it dawned on me that we only have a little over one week left until the kids head back to school!  I’m a little bit sad, because personally I love school holidays (even more so this year as I’m heading back to teaching!) and i’m a little bummed that it’s all coming to an end so soon.

Last week, I found myself like many Mums starting to think about my ‘Back to School’ shopping and  I began wandering aimlessly around the stationary aisles at my local shops. We hadn’t been shopping long, Mr 10 was getting fed up with the whole ‘Back to School’ shopping experience (apparently EB Games is far more exciting) and Mr 4 wasn’t exactly cooperating either, so we came home with only a few pencils, a rubber and a ruler (if that’s any indication of how well our shopping trip went).

So you could imagine how ELATED I was when I got home, to find a parcel containing all of the things we had been looking for (minus the crowds, screaming kids & tacky mass-produced designs) on my very own doorstep!!! {Not to mention I was a little freaked out by the coincidence}

Regular readers might remember my review a few years ago for on their fab range of book covers, stationary and school supplies. Kathy from 2Kool has literally saved me from contacting hundreds of books over the past few years!  Would you believe the kids still have the majority of their original book covers?  It’s been such a money saver, I simply clean them up at the end of each year and re-use, they certainly are withstanding the tests of time!  You can find their full range of Book Covers (and your sanity) HERE 


Well the lovely Kathy from 2Kool4Skool has come to my rescue again, this time with a fantastic range of backpacks, bags, drink bottles and more!  How funky are these designs?

Suddenly Mr 10, who wasn’t at all interested in back to school shopping earlier in the day, became highly interested in all the 2Kool4Skool gear, calling first dibs on a backpack, water bottle and lunchbox.  Mr 4 quickly swooped in and claimed his drink bottle, lunchbox and backpack too.  It was really cool watching them get all excited over the new stuff and took away some of those back to school jitters that I’ve been having (particularly with Mr 4 as he’s off to Kindy this year for the first time ~ sob!)


We’re big fans of in this house, it’s been my go-to shop for a lot of stationery supplies over the past few years.. One of our favourite products that I will rave about is actually their Satchel Pencil Case which the kids each use as a pencil-case and library bag, we also have one for our toiletries when going away & another to store Mr 10’s Asthma medications in at home and at school. I am often telling people to check out 2Kool4Skool as I firmly believe in their product quality and what they stand for, i’m always more than happy to support a local small business!

So lets take a look at these new products shall we????

I must say I am impressed with the range of ‘Lunch and Snack stuff’ on the 2Kool4Skool website.  With 5 kids at school this year lunches are something I am going to be making a lot of .. Hubby & I even pack a lunch box for work so it’s essential to get a good stock of lunch boxes, bags and plasticware on hand.  Kathy sent me a great variety of products to show you guys that will make packing lunches EASY!


I don’t know about you, but I find it frustrating that at the beginning of the year there are literally millions of lunch boxes available in the stores, but if you need to replace a lunchbox once, twice, or maybe ten times (grrrr) throughout the year, your on your own with an ugly plastic lunchbox.. So it’s good news that 2kool4skool stocks a cool range of lunch boxes on their website all year round!

The older kids are loving their 2Kool4Skool ‘Lunch Cube’ which is available in a range of bright colours, with a top zipper and handles, the Lunch Cubes are fully insulated to keep lunches cool, they are 100% AWESOME & are to kool to share (it says so on the box).



An alternate style is the Rainbow Lunch Bag which Mr 10 has snaffled for himself, it’s a double-decker lunchbox with lots of room for kids with big appetites.  This lunchbox would also suit younger children as you could put their little lunch in the top section and their big lunch in the bottom section.  It also has big chunky zipper tabs for little fingers and nice big handles to hold on to.  Once again fully insulated to keep the kids lunches cold.  Don’t you just love the bright primary colours it comes in!?  It also comes in a Purple/Green/Pink and Yellow style also.


I must admit i’m a bit naughty when it comes to my excessive use of cling wrap and disposable snack bags in lunch boxes so when I saw these Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags I was a little bit excited.  I will definitely be putting these insulated bags to good use in an effort to save both money & the environment.  I’m loving the bright colours and we’ve even used them on the holidays when out and about with crackers and biscuits.  At just $6.50 for a set, they are great value & they coordinate so well with the 2Kool4Skool Lunch Bags/Cubes too.


bottle_groupI LOVE LOVE LOVE these drink bottles.. I don’t know about you, but you can never have too many drink bottles.. It was only last year that I cottoned on to the fact that if I gave each of the kids a drink bottle to take out with us, I would save a bucket-load of money not buying drinks while we were out!!!    So I love that the BPA FREE 2Kool4Skool bottles are double walled, keeping your drinks cooler for longer and that they have a wide range of funky designs.. Mr 10 chose to keep the Graffiti design, which coordinates with his pencil-case, at a massive 600ml it will keep him going throughout the school day and during sports.  The other drink bottle is a Stainless Steel Drink Bottle/Vaacum Flask  featuring the 2Kool4Skool Logo which can keep drinks either hot or cool for a minimum of 12 hours, how kool is that?  I dare say that one will be coming back to school with me :)


You can find the whole range of 2Kool4Skool’s Lunch & Snack stuff on their website HERE 

Now, moving onto their awesome Bags.. I find bag shopping really tricky.. gone are the days when I used to buy the School Backpack for the kids because each of them now wants a unique bag that suits their personalities and can fit a whole ton of stuff in them. I’m fussy with my handbags too, so I get that BUT there are only so many bags out there and to be honest, I find a lot of them to be either ugly, impractical, horrendously priced  or all of the above..



Check out this awesome Graffiti Backpack! once again Mr 10 has claimed this one as his own and has turfed aside his Surf Shop bag which cost me an arm & a leg last year.


Yep, you heard it right.. this one is THAT KOOL!

I am really impressed with the backpack, it feels so sturdy and is of great quality.  Its got a fantastic amount of pockets and super comfy padding in the arm-straps and on the back of the bag, which will make carrying heavy loads a lot easier on little ones backs.  The bag itself has 3 roomy compartments plus 2 nice deep pockets on the sides which are great for your drink bottles/umbrella etc.  It even has a divided section inside the main part of the bag for a laptop.  This bag would easily appeal to kids of all ages and also comes in pink/black too.


Up next is the Robot Backpack, it comes in a great range of colours and once again has lots of space to store all your school gear.  A great little bag to pack for day/road trips or heading out for the day on an excursion. The Robot Backpack is on special for just $14.95 and also comes in red, black, purple and pink.

There is also a similar Classic Backpack which is a rucksack style, perfect for school or holding your kids sports items.  This bag is going to come in handy for Mr 10’s Basketball gear, you could easily pack it with essentials such as spare clothes, towel, nappies, wipes etc and leave it in the back of the car too.


And a bag that I am particularly fond of, because I have so much trouble buying one each year, is the 2Kool4Skool Swimming /Library /Gym Bag.  This bag is going to get A LOT of use around here. It’s made out of polyester so it will dry quickly and has lots of room for togs, towel and a handy compartment at the front for swimming cap/goggles.  I LOVE IT! It also comes in a range of funky colours so I can get one for each of the kids and not get confused.

You can find the range of Bags from HERE 


So I hope that I have helped introduce you to the awesomeness that is – Head on over to their Facebook page and say a big HELLO to Kathy, she will help you with all of your back to school needs and with next day shipping ALL OVER AUSTRALIA there is still plenty of time to get all of your back to school book covers and essentials!  And if you have a School Locker nearby you can check out their range in store for a list of stores click HERE


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  1. Posted January 20, 2016 at 9:57 am | Permalink

    My kids use to use these lunch boxes. I loved them as they seemed to last forever (unlike the school shoes). What an awesome pack to come home to. #teamIBOT

    • Posted January 24, 2016 at 12:12 am | Permalink

      I know! I was so excited.. Longevity in school items is always a great thing! :) thanks for stopping by & commenting x

  2. Posted January 22, 2016 at 8:45 am | Permalink

    I love the look of those reusable snack bags. Very cool indeed. Love the generously sized drink bottles too.

    • Posted January 24, 2016 at 12:11 am | Permalink

      They have been awesome so far on the holidays Renee, so I imagine they’ll be great when school goes back next week. Thanks for popping by & commenting xx

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