Smiggle Fun for Everyone – {Review}


Growing up, I loved back to school shopping and I remember from a young age wanting my school supplies to be coordinating and funky.  Mind you this was the late 80’s/early 90’s so it wasn’t always easy being on trend.  Back in those days a canvas duffle bag and a Pacer pencil was considered a big deal, but I aimed for something a little higher.. One year I wanted all of my stationary to be baby pink, so I spent my holidays decorating my books, folders and pencil cases often having to find gift wrap, paint, ribbons and even cuttings from magazines (Smash Hits anyone?)  to adorn them.  I  absolutely LOVED my ‘coordinating stationary’ that year and so many memories come flooding back when preparing my own children’s things for school.

My kids  love taking cool things to school so it’s no surprise that one of their favourite stores is Smiggle!  Rarely can we walk past our local Smiggle without stopping to take a look at their huge range of bright and colourful accessories.  We’re like kids in a candy store.. it’s so much easier for kids to be on trend these days with such awesome shops right at their fingertips & online.

So you could imagine their delight when we were sent some wonderful Smiggle items to review last week and you could also imagine I was doubly excited when I realised that many of the items would be fantastic for me too.  It was pretty good timing that the package arrived when the kids were at school, first dibs for me!

As many of you know, i’m heading back to work as a Teacher next week so I was pretty excited by this awesome 2016 Diary.. isn’t she pretty!?  I haven’t used a diary for many years so I am excited over the prospect of getting organised with this little beauty.  The other day I sat down with a Chai Latte & wrote in all of my important dates.  I love that there is room to hang your pen on the side and with a day on each page there is plenty of room to write.  I love the funky coloured ribbons so I can mark various dates/spots throughout the diary – term dates are marked in the front of the diary (believe me, I’ll be counting down to the holidays!) and there is a useful notes/addresses section in the back of the diary.  It really is quite a comprehensive little diary and would be suitable for students or adults, the kids dipped out on this one though.. I love it too much!


Coordinating perfectly with my new diary is the S10 Media Tablet Case, just like the hardtop pencil cases that the kids love so much from Smiggle, this is an oversized version perfect for holding your iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc.  It has come in handy for my iPad Air and even folds into a sturdy viewing stand, great when watching You Tube video’s (educational ones of course!) Its nice and soft on the inside but very sturdy on the outside which is just what kids need to keep their technology safe!

The other day Mr 4 and I had to go along to Mr 10’s Leadership Parade at school so I packed the iPad into the media case and the Smiggle Headphones & Mr 4 remained entertained during the duration of the morning.  The headphones are a great size for Mr 4 and because they are adjustable they even fit my big noggin! They are soft and comfortable and have great sound quality.  This set in particular has white cats on them, but Smiggle headphones come in a range of styles/designs.


But it can’t be all work and no play!  Check out these cute Active Soft Keyring’s that coordinate with the active range.. aren’t they just the sweetest!  Hang them on your bag or pencil-case to make a super cute statement.  I adore the horse on my key ring and Miss 14 has hung the mouse and cat on her school bag.   With Valentines Day fast approaching, these would make such a sweet valentine gift for your kids too.  They come in 3 cute designs, horse, cat or mouse and are $7.95 each.


So after snaffling up those items for myself I let the kids swoop down on the remaining Smiggle items.. they didn’t last long!

Mr 4 quickly fell in love with the Fluffy Character Backpack, it’s a great little bag for day trips and the cute little penguin on the front of the bag detaches and can be played with separately.  She soon became a favourite and had to come with us wherever we went.  The bag has a large zippered compartment with comfy zipper tabs for small fingers and a smaller zippered section inside the bag also. It has comfy padded shoulder straps which are adjustable and makes a great bag for Sleepovers, Kindy,  School or even just a day trip.  The Fluffy Character backpack is suitable for children aged 18 months + and retails for $49.95.


Mr 10 was impressed with the Measure Up, Stencil and Writing pack which contained a 30cm non-smudge ruler, an alphabet stencil, numerical and animal stencil and protractor.  Using it at home he has taken it out a few times and drawn with it.  It will come in handy for school projects and most recently he used it to write the names of his friends on his Birthday Party invitations. It’s made out of durable plastic and stores inside its cardboard pouch quite easily, A4 pieces of paper that you use with the stencils  can also fit back into the pouch.


Smiggle Pencils & erasers are always a must-have item in the school pencil-case each year.  Mr 10 always buys a handful of pencils/erasers at the beginning of each term and loves to collect all of the different designs.  Adding to his collection is the Tonal Pencil, Jelly Twist Eraser and Purple Eraser Wand.  Smiggle pencils/erasers make great behaviour incentive awards for Teachers to hand out as well, because they are inexpensive and very popular with the kids who love to work extra hard to get a Smiggle reward at the end of the day.


Smiggle also has a pretty impressive range of novelty and gift lines which can be a lot of fun.. Mr 10 was pretty impressed with the Light up, bouncy, glittery GOO V2.  It bounces, stretches, shapes and glows.. Check out my Instagram to see a video of the goo in action, it is pretty cool & very bright!


So head to your local Smiggle or jump online to to check out their awesome range of products for back to school & everyday fun! To find your closest store click HERE or to shop online, click HERE 


*This is a review post & as such all of the opinions expressed in the post are my own.  I did not receive payment for this review, however, I did get to keep all of the lovely Smiggle items that were discussed in the review.  Thanks for taking the time to read our review on these fantastic products. Several Kinds of only review and write about products our family loves & supports.










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