Hanging onto the Weekend..


How I have loved the school holidays!!! I could do 100 more of these weeks and never tire of having my 2 gorgeous boys at home with me 24/7.  Yes some days get a little weary, between the bickering and the ‘I’m boreds’  but seriously it’s a small price to pay for not having to wake up early, make lunches, iron uniforms or drive in that dreaded morning/afternoon traffic!  I’m sure there are others out there who agree with me?  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my time when the boys are at school also, but not as much.. I feel more productive when they are at home.. not necessarily being productive around the house or office, but by actually achieving something with them.  For example if I don’t get the washing, dishes and bedrooms tidied on the school holidays, that is completely acceptable (I was probably doing something with the kids) but it’s  not so acceptable to get jack squat done if the kids are both at school.. see, it’s all bad.  And if the boys are both at school I have to go to work – but if they are on holidays, I don’t have to work because Teachers like myself (of a supply nature) don’t work on School holidays.. So school holidays to me are the be all and end all (Minus the not getting any pay part of course..)

The past week we have basked in school holiday glory, we have been to the coast, we have been to parks, we have hosted cousins for sleepovers and caught up with mates for playdates (or hung out as it’s now apparently called) we have dined at our favourite restaurant (or as you may have it pigged out at our favourite buffet) we’ve seen movies, slept in, stayed up late, caught up on all of the Shrek movies (so funny) and i’ve spoilt the kids rotten by impulse buying them an Xbox One because we wanted to play Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (and you can’t buy that on Xbox 360) But seriously it’s been one of my most favourite school holidays in such a loooooong time so i’m reluctant for it to come to an end.

But alas, school must return on Monday, and with it another child will be added to our household for Term 2.  Lately i’ve been selfishly enjoying the peace which comes with our smaller family. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my kids, but sometimes their baggage feels like a heavy weight on my shoulders, sometimes looking after them is so very very draining.  So I love this quiet, I love this calm before the storm, it helps me weather it a little better. It helps me to be a little stronger for all of our Children.

So i’m really hanging onto this weekend, I will use it to recharge my batteries before tackling Term 2.. we can do this xx


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