School Holidays ~ that’s a wrap! 

I can hardly believe school goes back tomorrow! Talk about a downer! Iv been having so much fun sleeping in, not packing lunches, not ironing, not racing about every morning {to still be late mind you} it’s been great. And tomorrow that  unorganised bliss has to come to an end & organised chaos will instead replace it.  

To be honest I’m not looking forward to the 2016 school year.. I have so much anxiety wrapped around all of the ‘firsts & lasts’ that this year is going to be full of.. First year of Kindy, last year of Primary School, first year of highschool etc etc.. But as a fellow Mum pointed out the other day, next year is going to be much worse when I’m able to add to that list to include first day of prep, first day of highschool & last year of highschool!  So perhaps I should look on the bright side for now.  I’ve been tossing & turning the past few nights, unable to get a whole heap of sleep.. So many ‘what if’s’ going round my mind.. Our babies grow up too darn quickly!!  

But on a brighter note we’ve had a great school holidays, relatively low key ~ it’s been a great way to recharge our batteries. The first half of the holidays, when we had all the kids home was quite busy, this is also when we went away to Coffs Harbour ~ but it was nice having them all home for the Christmas preparations, even if the bickering & nonsense drove us up the walls at times!   Hubby was home for 5 whole weeks, which was FANTASTIC! It was great having that extra pair of hands to help out each day. The other kids went back to their Mums on January 1st, so it’s been relatively quiet since then with just the 2 boys at home, but it’s been a lovely change of pace. Welcome even! But we’ve still been to parks, Dreamworld, the movies, bike rides & had lots of themed nights at home (movie nights, Lego nights, board game nights, pizza night etc) ~ they’ve probably been my favourite part! 

 Well I guess I’d best keep it short & sweet, I need to do some ironing & make some school lunches before tomorrow!  *groan* . 

I hope everyone has a smooth transition back to school & for those with littlies starting, sending big hugs your way xoxo 

Linking up with Jess from Essentially Jess for #IBOT ~ just scraped in again with 20 minutes to spare! (I’ll put the link in tomorrow because my iPad is not cooperating!!) 

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    I’m happy for school to go back, because I’m over making lunches! My kids do their own when it’s school time, but in the holidays it somehow becomes my job.
    I’ve got my last first day of school coming up this week. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it.

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