Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX Review!

This time of the year can get very busy, one minute its October and before you know it, the Christmas tree is up and we’re in full Christmas Prep mode! One thing I have yet to do is finalise my Christmas shopping, but as many of you know I work better under pressure, so I’m not too concerned, there is always Christmas Eve after all!



A great Christmas idea I was fortunate enough to be gifted from the lovely people at Vtech is the Kidizoom Smart Watch DX, branded as the next gen smart watch for kids it’s recommended for children aged 4+.   Mr 5 has been road testing it the past few weeks and I must say I am impressed or is that jealous?!  Its hard to tell really.. because it’s such a cool watch!! My watch just sits on my arm, is kind of heavy and the only thing it tells me is the time.. But the Kidizoom Smart Watch DX, it goes way above and beyond!  Not only does it have a lightweight durable design but it is jam packed with features such as;

  • Touch Screen
  • Voice Recorder
  • Camera
  • Rechargeable Battery that lasts ages!
  • It’s splash proof for everyday play

You can also connect your Kidizoom Smart Watch DX to your computer to recharge the battery, upload the photos and videos taken on the watch and download more FREE learning games!

There is so much to love about this watch it definitely has A LOT going on but one of the primary functions that I love about it starts with the functionality of the watch itself as an actual watch! it has so many cool features from learning to tell the time, telling the time and recording the time.

I adore that you can toggle between digital and analog modes simply by touching the screen.  Kids often get caught up learning one way or another, for example my younger Brother could only ever tell digital time (his first watch was a digital watch) and I saw him struggle with this as he grew over the years.  If I said to him it is quarter past 11 he would ask, what time is that? I would then have to say 11:15.

The Kidizoom Smart Watch DX  allows kids to become curious about both digital and analogue time and easily learn to recognise/compare both.  Kids can choose from over 50 different digital/analog designs simply by scrolling through and choosing a design to suit their taste.  Each design is very cute and kids can change it as often as they like, every second if they wanted to (and they will) Mr 5 changes his watch design many times a day.  There is even a cute snowman screen for Christmas!


There is even a ‘Time Master’ feature, simply find the owl icon on the home screen for an interactive time-teaching lesson or press the mouth icon on the watch face and the Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX will tell kids the time out loud.  Just be wary when your little ones start to know the time, they can also point out how late you are running… which in my case is never a good thing!


Aside from telling time, the Kidizoom Smart Watch DX by Vtech has many other features that kids love;

The Camera, Video Camera and Voice Recorder..  How cool are these features!?  The Kidizoom Smart Watch DX has its own camera on board so kids can take photo’s and videos on the go!  Mr 5 has filled his with embarrassing shots of his siblings (and a few of me I may add) I’m sure these will make for great blackmail material as he gets older.  But it’s seriously good fun, the picture and sound qualities are nice and clear and the camera function is easy to use.  The kids can even edit their photo’s with onboard ‘Photo Effects’  such as frames and filters.

Inbuilt Games – with so many end of year school functions to go to lately, the inbuilt games on the Kidizoom Smart Watch DX have been a lifesaver!  No need to lug along the iPad when they have 8 inbuilt games right at their fingertips.. The games whilst simple are  both fun and educational and even keep the older kids amused!  Good old noughts and crosses is even built in, perfect for long car trips when visiting family this Christmas.  One of Mr 5’s favourites is the ‘Monster Identity Detector’  Kids place their finger on the screen and it ‘scans’ them and lets then know what Monster type they are.. I am a ‘Music Monster’.


There are also Motion Games – the Motion Games encourage kiddies to get up and moving and to challenge themselves.  There are games to encourage jumping, running and dancing!


The Kidizoom Smart Watch DX also has a built in Pedometer so you can see how many steps your little ones are taking, this was a real novelty for Mr 5 because he was always so keen on my FitBit, kids can keep a track of their steps too just like Mum and Dad.

There are other useful features such as a calendar, stop watch, alarm clock and timer.

It is an attractive looking watch, comfortable to wear with a large watch face and easy to clean silicone watch band that is fully adjustable (it even fits on my wrist) we were gifted the blue watch but it comes in pink also.  The beauty of the watch is that the games and watch faces appeal to such a wide audience so there is bound to be something to interest your child no matter what their interests.


Vtech Pink Design – Image credit target.com.au

The Kidizoom Smart Watch DX by Vtech is absolutely LOADED with features that your kids will adore! It is easy to navigate, fun to use and will impress even the most tech-savvy Kids this Christmas!  You can find the Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX in store at Target and other good toy retailers this Christmas so add one to your shopping list and cross another present off the to-do list!



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