Well it certainly has been awhile..


Hi There

Well it certainly has been awhile!

Thats not to say I haven’t sat at this page and typed some words countless times, only to get distracted, wander off and come back to a post that is totally irrelevant days later!

I’m sure like everyone, life has been crazy busy of late!  If i’m not working i’m cleaning the house, if i’m not cleaning the house, I tend to be at the grocery shop or taking the kids Pokemon Hunting.

Each night I fall into bed to get Mr 5 to sleep and that is the end of me, I doze off and another day is done and dusted.

This morning I woke up again at 3:00, wide awake and raring to get organised in the office so i’ve been doing a bit of pottering around for the past hour and a half which is going to make tomorrow all that easier.  Our small business is keeping us quite busy, it has actually turned into quite the full time job for Hubby which has proved tricky on top of his regular full time job.  Finding a home/work/life balance has been rather hard pressed lately but we are hoping to allow the business a few more months to grow and stretch its legs before taking it on full time.  So at the moment there is a mix of both excitement and fear as we lead into that.  But its a big goal for Hubby and something he has looked forward to long before he started his business so it is definitely worth the slog at the moment, even though sometimes you have to remind yourself of that many times a day!


Aside from that we celebrated Mr 5’s birthday the other day, 5! How insane is that.. it just felt like yesterday that he was a little baby, now he’s half way through his first decade.  Hubby and I spent the day with him playing at home with his presents and in the evening we went out for dinner with the family.    Last weekend we had a Kindy party for him at Inflatable World which was chaotic with 16 x 4/5 year old’s running about, but seriously good fun all at the same time.  He was the topic of discussion all last week at Kindy and because it was the first party of the year it was great to get to know some of the Mum’s and Dad’s that I otherwise simply breeze past each morning and afternoon.

Yesterday was all about decluttering.. I made a point to start on one room and rid it of all the mess and unnecessary furniture that has been bogging it down lately.  It’s amazing how you can make a few dollars off of things that are just sitting around collecting dust!  It’s definitely kept me motivated to continue my efforts today.

Oh well on that note I’d best go and wake Hubby for work.. no rest for the wicked after all!

It was nice touching base.. I hope I am able to do it more regularly, but as usual cant make any promises :)

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